Living in Porthcawl



Planning to move to Porthcawl with your whole family? You might want to read this first before scheduling your flight to the place.

Everything has changed ever since we have visited the place. In another life, Porthcawl might have been Tenby. If you don’t know where or what is Tenby, you can search it online for views and information. At around 1820s and 1830s, Porthcawl has been the pumping iron and steel out to the empire of the whole place.


Porthcawl might have been born in the industrial revolution, but it soon shook off the coal for the end-of-the-pier show, becoming the holiday sweetheart of the valleys. The place has scrubbed up well. The town today trades on the very reason holidaymakers once swarmed here because of their delicious foods, colourful celebrations and panoramic view of the whole place.


Every year, surfers brave the waves, twitchers lurk in the nature reserves, golfers suck in the sea air, and, once a year, 30,000 Elvis impersonators get all shook up. I am not saying the place is the new Brighton or the last Margate but I am saying is that it is Porthcawl and I’m proud to show to you what a beautiful place it is to live and stay for a vacation.


Aside from the beautiful place, different festivals and friendly people, Porthcawl has its down-low too. The place still has the air of a place hunting for a purpose. There is a strange split in the town, with most of the east taken up with the vast Trecco Bay estate of mobile homes; the twain meet, but on uncertain terms.


To give you some good trivia about the place, the nearest mainline trains of Porthcawl are a 15-minute drive away at Bridgend with two or three an hour to Swansea which is about 35 minutes. When you are taking the mainline trains, you can be in the Brecons for about 45 minutes max.


Now let’s talk about the educational status of the place. All the town’s schools are at least good. Here is the list of the best schools in Porthcawl:


> Porthcawl Primaries

> Newton

> West Park

> Nottage

> Porthcawl Comprehensive


I do believe that the place has education as their center for all aside from their beautiful sceneries and breath-taking Porthcawl views. When you are looking for a place to hangout with friends and family, you should try the fish and chips at Beales because they are one of the best foods of Porthcawl and it is also good as a take-home or souvenir for tourists.

If your whole family are planning to take a vacation or live in Porthcawl as soon as possible, I would tell you that this is the place for everyone. It’s very beautiful and such a wonderful place to live too. For more information about the place, feel free to visit our page and search for related information about Porthcawl. We are hoping to see you all soon and you can share with us your experience in the place. Also, you can join add your opinions and comments below so that we may know what to add in our next topic. Thank you and we hope you enjoy reading this article.

5 Great Attractions You Should Definitely Visit in UK This 2015

Thinking of traveling alone or with your family this year? Plan ahead and you should definitely check out UK for instance. If you haven’t visited the place, it’s your time to do so.

If you are constantly traveling places like New York and other capital cities in the Western part of the world, UK, pretty much in London, has all the things you need and required for that vibrant and innovating aura you are looking for in a place to visit.

For those who haven’t visited London, its vibe can change from one block to the next. For example, it can be for that dense urban centres type of place to that modern hipster look and hangouts that you love the most.

In great addition, celebrities from all over the world, including Spice Girls, One Direction to Gwyneth Paltrow, they consider UK their ultimate homeland. It is not really surprising that the country attracts different types of people from all over the world because of the quality of life they can get and the amazing array of architecture and fabulous sceneries that the place could offer to anyone. It’s absolutely breath-taking in many words.

It’s never too early to start planning for your family’s summer holidays or a solo vacation this year. UK has a number of attractions and things you’ll love the most that are perfectly suited for all types of families and children of all ages.

1. UK Fashion

When it comes to fashion statement, UK, especially London, has long been a center for fashion all over the world alongside New York, Seoul, Paris and even Milan. If you are a big fan of famous designer’s creations, this is the right place for you.

London’s Fashion Week is considered to be the biggest and the grandest fashion weeks in the world. It attracts hundreds of top designers and thousands of fashionistas every February of the year. UK has its edgy street trends that everyone loves the most.

2. Westminster, UK

The Palace of Westminster in London, UK is undeniably one of the most amazing and most beautiful government buildings in the entire world. There are so many iconic attractions in the country but Westminster is one of the visited places during vacation. The palace is also home to perhaps the most iconic structure in London which is the amazing Big Ben, the biggest clock tower in the world.

3. The Royal Family

Do you love a good reality show? Well then, you’ll surely love the Royal Family of UK for sure. They have been providing the British people some live-action drama during their entire reign. From Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe fashion to Kate Middleton’s wedding and personal life, everyone loves a good royal gossip and entertainment.

It’s really exciting when you visit UK and include Royal Watching in your itinerary. They are perfectly the celebrities in UK when they make another public appearance. When you visit London, you’ll surely stand a great chance of running into them, especially if you tour the great Buckingham Palace where they actually live.

4. Markets in UK

Hoping to find something fashionable, trendy and some fresh produce for a picnic treat? There are dozens of markets in the United Kingdom that you can certainly find and shop with during your whole tour around the country.

If you particularly visit London, it is a city whose residents have a strong commitment to buying local sourced products which is really good and really healthy for those who are on a strict healthy lifestyle routine. As a result, many farmers and artisans bring their goods from all over the English countryside to sell at the various markets around the city.

When you planned to visit different markets all around the UK, don’t forget to visit the Borough Market. It is the most famous market in London. It has this heaving mass of produce vendors, food carts and shoppers all vying for space and fresh goods.

For those travellers who are looking for fresh products while enjoying the place, UK is the best place to visit with.

5. The River Thames

Now we’ve come to the best part. When you are likely going to visit the best places in UK, be sure to include The River Thames and make it a part in your itinerary list. Visit this great place, know the history behind it and above all, enjoy the moment while you can. The stately River Thames has played an important role in London’s long history.

Learn more about the places you will visit this year and enjoy the attractions while you are in the place.

Top 8 Things to See in Porthcawl

Planning to have a vacation with your friends, whole family or alone this year? Have you searched Porthcawl today? We will show you some beautiful places in Porthcawl and why you have to visit the place as soon as possible:


  1. The Porthcawl Lighthouse

The Porthcawl lighthouse at the end of the breakwater that guards the harbour of the entire place and also known as The Pier is one of the beautiful places you can visit and have picture taken for a memorable vacation. The lighthouse was built in 1860 and is still in use. It beams a continuous light over the entrance to the harbour with red or green lights to the sides to guide ships. It was powered by Gas until only 1997 when it was converted to Electric. It has recently been refurbished and is shining even brighter.


  1. Coney Beach Fun Fair

If you are a lover of fairs and celebrations, you need to visit the Coney Beach Fun Fair. It is one of the favourite places most visitors would love to visit when they are in Porthcawl. The front shops along the prom have had a recent lick of paint and new dodgems and beach party are some of the favourites.


  1. Kenfig Castle

When visiting Porthcawl this year, don’t forget to pass by and walk to the ruins of Kenfig Castle from the Countryside Centre or by parking on the road just past the Prince of Wales Pub. The walk over the dunes which covered the old town is quite nice and you can see beautiful creatures as well too.


  1. Porthcawl Promenade

Porthcawl has a nice promenade that was built in 1887 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. It runs along the seafront from Lock’s Common on the west to Porthcawl’s harbour were it joins the Eastern Promenade to Coney Beach. It has plenty of seating offering some great views over the Bristol Channel and is a great place for a stroll, there are many cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels along the Promenade.


  1. The Rest Bay

Rest Bay is another sandy Blue Flag beach and is situated in the west of Porthcawl. It is very popular for water sports, especially surfing.


  1. Sandy Bay

The beach in front of Coney Beach Fairground is known as Sandy Bay because it is (you probably guessed) sandy. It is a large sheltered beach. The water quality is rated as excellent and it is constantly a Blue Flag beach making it very popular with swimmers and surfers.


  1. Newton Church

The lovely Church in the Village of Newton was founded by the Knights of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem (otherwise known as the Knights Hospitalers, Knights of Rhodes and the Knights of Malta) over 800 years ago.


  1. Porthcawl Museum

This small museum is located within what was the Old Police station along with the Tourist Information centre. It is well worth a visit if you can catch it open (its opening times are sadly limited) and has a nice collection of social, maritime and military history along with Victorian costumes and artefacts.


To see more of the beautiful Porthcawl place, you can visit our page and see our recent page about the whole place. You can also share with us your experience in Porthcawl and we would love to read it.





Tourists Spots in Porthcawl

Are you planning to have a vacation this summer season? You should definitely include Porthcawl in your bucket list this year. With so much to do and so many things to see in Porthcawl, you’ll definitely have the time of your life there. Aside from the panoramic views of the place and the very delicious foods they have, Porthcawl is also considered as one of the promising tourist spots in the world with so many tourists visiting the place every month up to the end of the year.

With an easy access to the great Cardiff and Swansea, with so many beautiful beaches and all the charm of an old seaside town, Porthcawl is the perfect place for you to stay when you are exploring the best of South Wales cost.


Let me give you a short history of Porthcawl. The place was originally a town dependent on the export of coal, but its shipping industry was soon overtaken by operations at Barry and elsewhere. Since the end of the 19th century its focus has been on providing leisure facilities for the region, and honing the art of providing relaxation and respite for all.


Since it was built, the Porthcawl became one of the greatest places in whole South Wales. Here are the best testaments that the Porthcawl is a legacy:


> They have the Porthcawl Promenade still standing today that dates from 1887.

> The Porthcawl Museum still gives beautiful memories of the place and tourists can visit the place but with limit hours only.

> The Grand Pavilion should also not be missed by those interested in delving into the past of the South Wales coastline.

> The Morgan Park and Bryngarw Park provide a historically orientated day out that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

> Nature lovers will be enraptured by the Merthyr Mawr Dunes and Kenfig Nature Reserve, which are both just a few miles from the centre of town.


These are just some of the places that visitors can expect whenever they are planning to visit Porthcawl this year. Porthcawl itself boasts not one but two Blue Flag beaches, their golden sands have proved a hit with the surfing community for whom Porthcawl is a home from home, attracting national and international competitions each year. If you are a beach lover and love surfing so much, Porthcawl is the best place for you.


Other annual events include the Porthcawl Elvis Festival and the Jazz Festival. If you love music like me, Porthcawl offers the best music festivals in the whole world. Aside from that, the Coney Beach Pleasure Park at the western end of the promenade brings a little taste of Coney Island to South Wales, whilst the Royal Porthcawl Golf Club has a formidable international reputation.


There are so many things that you can expect to do and enjoy in Porthcawl. You can do outdoor activities, beach bumming along the beautiful sceneries of Porthcawl while sipping their sweet and tasty drinks and foods that are on the right price. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit the place for you to experience extraordinary adventure of your life.

Introduction and Short History of Porthcawl


Have you ever been to Porthcawl before or are you planning to visit the place this year? You might want to read this as your short and simple guide of the place’s magnificent and extraordinary beauty. Let’s start from the very beginning of Porthcawl.

Around 19th century, Porthcawl’s construction as a town began and when it was the right time, they have decided to build a new harbour to give service to their expanding coal and iron industries all around the South Wales Valleys. During that time, the most influential family in all Porthcawl was the Brogdens from Sale, Manchester. You can search online for all the family members and the remaining members until this time.

They are the owner of the John Brogden & Sons. They were involved in railway construction and iron ore mining and they also bought a major interest in Tondu Ironworks and most especially, with mined coal in the Ogmore Valley. Aside from that, the Brogdens were instrumental in linking Porthcawl to the iron and coal mining communities of the valleys by rail. They are the ones who have started iron and coal mining in whole Porthcawl.

To the northern end of Porthcawl is Kenfig National Nature Reserve, which is one of the most important sites in Britain for nature conservation. It is now a site of special scientific interest. It consists of thousands of species of animal and plant life which includes the rare Fen Orchid.

Now, moving forward, we will give you the best places of Porthcawl that you should visit whenever you are planning to have a vacation there.

Porthcawl Harbour

During the 19th century, the harbour was once the site for immense activity such as coal and iron transportation until bigger and deeper harbours were built at Barry and Port Talbot. Near the harbour is situated the Porthcawl Lifeboat Station, purpose built in 1995, it operates an inshore B class Atlantic 75 lifeboat. Next to the lifeboat station is ‘Cosy Corner’ a park area, which over the years has housed a theatre, cinema, roller skating rink and ballroom.

Porthcawl Station Hill

Before the new railroads were created these days, there was once a railway station at the top of the hill with trains heading to Bridgend and elsewhere especially for summer seasons that brings visitors for their main holiday stay.

The Promenade at Porthcawl

Before anything else, it was the Brogden family who visualises Porthcawl as a fashionable seaside resort as well as a thriving port for the export of coal. Modern developments in coastal defences have covered most of the original sea wall, but from the lower platform, a portion of the original is still visible.

Porthcawl Seabank Hotel

The Seabank stands on the site of a house built in 1867 by George Dement. It was the only sole surviving asset of the Brogden family and it is already mortgaged beyond their means. It is also a great tourist attraction these days.

Aside from the beautiful history and places you can see in Porthcawl, there are colourful festivals and other celebrations whenever you are in the place for a vacation.